Grand Master: Double-O “I vas only following zee orders!”

1 GM


Ass Grand Master: Circle Jerk (right) with Garbage Guts “More weekend hashes!”

2 AssGM


Religious Advisor: Hunkaspunk “Verdoort medeert vahoort”

3 RA


Hash Cash:  Thumbleprints (in black) with Garbage Guts “Pay the money…NOW!”



Cultural Advisor: Mattress Pad “Da jia GAO CHAO!!”

5 Cultural Advisor


Haberdash: Bolly Boobs “Get yourself a hash shirt, godsdamnit”

6 Haberdash


Harerazor: Constipation “Hares drink earlier”

7 Harerazor


Super T-Shirt Designer (STD): Papasan “Down Down Down Down”



Grand Pan Sanitizer: GPS “Shut the Fuck up, GPS”

9 Grand Pan Sanitizer


Beermeister: Forest Hump – It’s the alcohol content that matters, not the taste

1210 HASH28


Beer Bitch: Missing With Action: The one doing the actual job



Hash Flash: Shoeless Ho – Capturing Our Breast Pose(r)s

10 Hash Flash


Everyone’s favorite girl and hasher…Sweetie!! (Emergencies Only)

99 Sweetie

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