We sell our haberdash at the Gold Mango Bar on Saturdays before the bus departs. We don’t bring any to the run site.

++++ Brand new: GZH3 running shorts for only 40 RMB. No pictures released yet ++++

++++ Also brand new: small towels in green. Only 10 RMB ++++


GZH3 Rugby Shirt

Accidentally woven In the Belgian National colors, this rugby style hash shirt feels so comfy, you don’t want to take it off anymore. On the back it mentions the core values of the Guangzhou Hash: Speed, Strength, and Beer, in both, Chinese and English. It is the perfect fashion statement for men and women. Only 80 RMB!



It even fits the youngest hashers



Kiwi Fuck Off Hash Shirts

Platterpuss’ bright design meets the zeitgeist without rubbing it too much into your face. Fits every size. Only 50 RMB



Papasan’s flamboyant polo-shirt design cums in three exciting colors.

1010759_10152920204660290_1910863100_nIn an eye-pleasing blue…



…a pissy yellow…



…and in a shade of red that won’t make you look sheepish. Well, at least not necessarily.



Only the first batch comes with the hilarious typo on the back that has instantly made this shirt a rare and valuable collector’s item. So better hurry. Only 50 RMB


A hash shirt makes history

Designed for Filthy Habits’ ‘Operation Farewell and Fuck Off’ Hash, we predicted OBL’s end, just a few days before it actually happened. Rest assured, this shirt has the right Yin as well as the right Yang. Only 50 RMB!!



Soggy Biscuit’s Fuck-Off Shirt

Selling out faster than an Italian Cruise Ship Captain can leave his sinking ship. Only two left, and only small women’s sizes. Definitely too cheap for 50 RMB!!!


Hash Towel in Blue

soaks up more than just sweat. 30 RMB only!!! (ladies not included)