Trail Markings

What’s an On On Dot?

We mark our trails with flour, and the most common marker is the ‘On On Dot’. You can find it on the ground, at trees, on rocks or wherever. It’s good to have these dots around because it means that you are probably on trail. Call out “On On!” as you run past them to signal others that they can follow you. Some dots stretch out and become lines. Follow them.

What is a Check?

A Check means that there are multiple possible trails around and only one is correct. The Front Running Bastards check out all possible trails and call out ‘On One’ when they find the first dot, ‘On Two’ when they pass the second dot and ‘On On’ at the third. Translated into English ‘On On’ means ‘I am on the right trail, so follow me’. Hashers who pass the circle will then kick it out into the right direction to help the walkers.

What’s a False Trail?

A False Trail is used to let the Hasher know they are on the wrong trail. The hasher must go back to the last Check and try another trail. Sometimes the false trail is the most demoralising of symbols, imagine just jogging your way up the top of a steep slope, reaching the top and stopping for breath, with your hands on your knees looking downwards, a false trail symbol stares you right in the face. SHIT!

Whats a Back Check?

A Back Check is similar to a False Trail in that you dont run past that point. It is different in that, you dont need to go all the way back to the last check, the correct trail is between the back check and the last check. Good luck finding that trail!