About Us

The Guangzhou Hash House Harriers has been continuously hashing in South China since 1984. We are a mixed and adult oriented hash but parents can bring their children as long as they are aware of Hash traditions and customs and won’t think Dear Precious will be corrupted by Hash culture! We meet every Saturday unless a special event forces us to hash somewhere outside of Guangzhou and all weekend long. Once a month we also have a Full Moon Hash which is usually run in Guangzhou proper, in the evening. 

We welcum anyone with a good sense of humor and a moderate amount of fitness (don’t have to be a world class marathon runner but it’ll help if you can walk 100m without dying!). Sometimes it can get quite hot and humid in the months of May thru October and can get surprisingly chilly late December thru February.

We are a truly international group with participants from China, France, Holland, Malaysia, Syria, Taiwan, Italy, the U.S., the UK, Estonia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Iran and even Germany. There are runners, walkers and some in-betweens on our hashes so there is a place for everyone.

The GZH3 likes to get out of the city, and so there we go every given Saturday. We are lucky to have some great countryside and mountains just within a relatively short drive from our meeting point at the heart of the city.

We usually charge 50 yuan (or Renminbi) and that buys you transportation and beverages (beer, water, sodas) for during and after the hash. Usually after the hash, we drive directly to a reasonably priced local restaurant for the On On dinner (the bill is split among all hashers).

If you have any questions, please email: gzhash@gmail.com