#1167 – The Bastille Storming Hash

Hash 1167#– a Bastille hash


It is clear that Bastille prison scared the German and America, they set a trail around villages, any violence happen, they could ask for help at hand.


A quite hot day, but it did not stop hashers coming to hash, one full bus with two taxis. On the bus, it is always the same, quietly went to the place for hash and noisily back to town. We got off beside the broad road, near a village, and it marked well for the trail, always around villages, behind village, before village, in village.


Recently there is a new interesting phenomenon about the routine to introduce the hash marks to new comers. When called out:” new comers, new comers,” 80 percent of hashers would join the new comers: listening the introduction. Old hashers are becoming too old, they can’t remember the rules of yesterday anymore.


On On

“On On”

“stop, stop, not time yet.”

“fight, fight, please fight.”

What a great hash beginning! Just because the short cutter king, Meatballs, thought it was not time yet, while Pink Panzer thought it was time to “On On”, when they were arguing, Shoeless Ho was excited and want to see: fight. It was a great beginning, for all hashers were happy and started to run.


The live hares, Double-O-Dirk and Mark, set a trail which was alike the wave line, so the direct distance was not far, and this drove hares run faster or set more circles when they heard “On On” calling behind them. Sounds as the hares set a trap for themselves.


We went up to the hill at the beginning of a village, then we down back to the same village, then we back to the same hill, back to the same village again, in the village. What’s make the hares being so afraid of running far away from village? Is there any psychologist in hasher? Please stand up to help them from Bastille prison.


Though it took Shoeless Ho more than 10Mins to introduce the rules to new Comers, one French new comer was totally lost in the long introduction. At one circle, the French was running before me, as I didn’t see the kick, so I asked ”are you On On?” no reply, then “do you see any flour?” still seem as I was talking to air. So I had to check it out myself, I run to the same direction. After I saw flour twice, I met the French, he went back!!! I asked him in surprise: why you are back? Well the answer was ’I don’t know.”!!! Then one second later, I saw the third flour!!! What rules Shoeless Ho introduced in the 10Mins?? What did the French get in the 10Min?


May I have an entreaty? Hares, would you please set the trail avoiding any fruits at the hashers’ hand? When I saw those fruits, same like a horny man see a beautiful lady, naked. If it is not impossible, well, it is quite difficult to control. I just can’t help to steal the fruits. I do not want to be a thief. Please help me and keep me away from those temptations, those fruits. After the entreaty, Hares have to take responsibility for this kind steal if there are any charge or accusations. ;-)


Circle Up

The GM brought up Mark, the hare, wanting to praise the trail, well it was met the song:” it sounds like bullshit to me.” Then he brought up the Religious Advisor, Meatballs, his last time to give religious advice in Guangzhou hash. And since the old RA is f—k off, the new one is not in Guangzhou. So all Guangzhou hashers, keep your religion clear, for you can’t get religious advice.


Parts accusations:

New comers: only sexual tourists, a proud day for GM, there were more than 12 new comers, old hashers brought their friends to hash. It is the best praise to hash.

Meatballs: Double-O-Dirk accused him of planning to join the China Hash in Hainan in 2014. So it was not his last hash in China.

Hunkaspunk: he invited Double-O-dirk, Meatballs and constipation to have dinner in his house. For dinner, it means to drink 2 dozens of beers. And it made an old man offer the seat to Double-O-Dirk in the subway next morning.

Shoeless Ho: He asked Meatballs to introduce the rules to new comers. When Meatballs want to wait a minute to start it, then Shoeless Ho did it himself. And the accusation took so long time that after the introduction, the On On time was near ready.

Laziji: she ordered the food and took the money to pay for that hash before, and Double-O-Dirk didn’t remember he paid the money. And generally hash money will contribute some to the hash dinner, then later he asked how much the hash money contributed to that dinner, the answer was nothing. Seem as hash needs some account service.


GZ hash has a little problem now: the GM know neither the hash hymn nor the shows. And the short-cutter king, Meatballs, often cut the hash song too, he finished the song in 1 min or 2 seconds.  We need some singers and dancers. Those singer hashers please stand up.


On On

T. T


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