Hash #1157 – Back from the Other Side Hash

Hash 1157

Date: 12th May 2012

Place: Water Drop Rock Forest Park (水滴岩森林公園)

Hare: Floppy Disk

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 25℃ ~31℃


Today we had an only hare-Floppy Disk, who had disappeared from the hash for one month long and he was back today to be our hare of the 1157th hash. He gave his hash a name as “Back from the other side” hash.


Before the trail:

Today’s trail was preset so we met Floppy Disk at the run site.


On the trail:

Today’s trail was full of moss on the wet rock. If it were raining today, the trail could be very dangerous. But it was luckily that there was no rain so the trail is very nice and easy walk & run.


Today Little Turd was back to the Hash so his father-Constipation walked with us in order to take care of his daughter on the way.


GPS were not leading us today but he followed other girls to go to the wrong way once. So Constipation asked GPS on the way if he was lost again. GPS answered it was not as there was flour on the way and just an X in the end.


On the circle:

After OODirk accused the hare, he brought up today’s RA- Sir cum navigator. So the accusations on the circle were the following, which was partly but not all:


Sir cum navigator accused Bastian for complaining the trail not going through for the reason of spider web.

Sir cum navigator accused Dave for telling Globewater he is going to live in USA.

Floppy Disk accused Constipation for his away from hash for just 1 month then when he was back; he discovered Constipation had been the Full Moon GM.

OO-Dirk accused the French and the Dutch for when Merkel heard that Hollande is the new president of France, she promised her friend Sarkozy that Germany will beat Holland during the European Football Cup this summer.

Hunka Spunk accused French Tickler and Tumble Print for wearing new shoes.

Sir Cum Navigator gave a hash name to Young Joe as “Stiffy”.



After the circle:

We had a hash dinner near the run site.





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