Hash #1156 – The Zapatista Hash

Hash 1156

Date: 5th May 2012

Place: Bai Yun Mountain (白雲山)

Hare: Sir cum Navigator & Globewatter

Weather: Cloudy

Temperature: 24℃ ~33℃


Today in Mango, we discovered Bogie Night & Hello Sailor were returning to hash but some regular hashers such as Meatball, Hand Solo & what’s your name again were not here even although there was a big beer party tonight.


Before the trail:

Today at 7:12am Guangzhou’s weather department had reported that there would be a thunder storm in the next 3 hours and the yellow rainfall signal had been hoisted. But we were lucky again there was no any rain this afternoon.


On the trail:

Although there was no any rain but the trail was still wet and slippery. Today GPS were leading us on the trail until we saw a “checking”. We found out there were two ways which had flour marking in front of us but GPS were walking very fast and did not notice there was a “checking” on the trail and going up to the stairs immediately. But Laziji and Fire in the hole did not follow GPS and went to check the other way. Angry Dragon, Christopher, Dave etc. and I were waiting for anyone back but 5 minutes passed and there was no one coming back to the “checking”. So I suggested to follow GPS and others were agreed with me.


Then when we stepped out of the stairs, we saw GPS coming back and he said he could not find out any flours…. Later Christopher discovered there was an X near the stairs….


Today one of the hares—Globewatter broke her arm when she was haring so the hares left a note on the way where Globewatter broke her arm to remind us careful.


Before the circle:

Sir cum navigator, Constipation and Chic Sheik were talking about me being back but GPS was still missing.

“I think GPS walked very fast so he missed the trail.” I said,

“No, GPS was always talking so he missed the trail.” Constipation said.


On the circle:

After OODirk accused the hares, he brought up today’s RA- Sir cum navigator. So the accusations on the circle were the following, which was partly but not all:

OODirk accused Constipation for taking over a position as a Full-moon GM recently.

OODirk accused Globwatter for breaking her arm when she was haring.

Hello Sailor accused GZHASH mismanagement for the standard going down as they allow hashers sitting on the circle

Sir Cum Navigator accused Dave for being an Australian but wearing a New Zealand T-SHIRT on the hash


After the circle:

We had a hash dinner at BeiJingRen restaurant.





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