Hash #1154 – The Questionable Hash

Hash #1154—God Blessed Hash


I did not plan to write the hash trash, but my legs are being so sore, I have to complain the hares!!!! It is a suffering to walk, stand up, sit down, etc. I have to drink less water to avoid nature calls. Hares, please try to make the walk trail less than 10km, ok?


That weekdays were stormy: thunder, raining cats and dogs. But finally GZ city moved forward a step: most of the roads didn’t become temporarily into rivers. Cars didn’t worked as boats as they used to do in last year. Maybe because of the forward step, God gave a gift to the hashers: a sunshine weekend. Very great Saturday for hash!! Full of bus and limited standing room left.

And Mattress Pad, please do not learn from Hunkaspunk. All GZ hashers: I have to repeat it again: do remember the meet time is 1:30pm, and bus leaves at 2PM sharp!!!! Don’t be late.  Do not be late!!!



The live hares, Hunkaspunk and Constipation, did not mention it was A to A or A to B trail– should be called A to B or C to C (circle) trail?– they said it is not decided yet before running to set the trail. The site was at Mao Feng Shan again.


Good news was there were Runner trail and Walker trail, I was doubting if I should try once to take the runner trail. God blessed me that I didn’t take the runner trail, the trails were quite long, the walker trail was more than 10km!! But God just half blessed me: on the trail, I had flied for one or two seconds—all my body was suddenly in the air, of course, including both feet, then next moment, my buttocks heavily touched the ground. Based on the experience, I would like to give a suggestion to all the hashers: if you don’t have the wings, do not let your both feet being off the ground at the same time without any preparation.


It was up-down-up trail, very nice air which was cleaned quite well in those stormy days. When the sign “R, W” showed up, I felt quite happy, I thought the end was near, unfortunately it was less than half yet.


Beer Stop

When I saw Hunkaspunk sat at a table, drinking with Double-O-Dirk, I tried to find the bus. But it was just a beer-stop!! Good point was good to have some nice biscuit and cold beer after the long up-down-up trail, bad point was to know there was still around 3km to the end!!! At that moment, I really wanted to kick the hares to the moon if I had the strength.


By the way, do you know there is a hasher who is scared of ducks? The hasher is our GM, Double-O-Dirk. On part of the trail, we passed through some ducks. Well, when Double-O-Dirk after he passed through them, there were 4 quacking ducks started to run after him. Our GM looked back and was some scared, and he started to run!!!


Circle Up

Good point was 60% of the hashers were back, so we could have circle. The GM Double-0-Dirk quickly brought up the RA, Meatballs, after he accused the hare, Constipation– not the hares, for Hunkaspunk was not back yet. lots of accusations, every hasher wanted to make the others get drunk? Including the following:

New comers: more than 10 new comers, 5 of them were America. Was the hash in China?

Itchy & Scratchy: if there were champion of Accusations in one circle, Itchy & Scratchy won the 1154# hash circle, almost every hasher wanted to accused to her for: 1/the magazines she brought and shared with hashers, which have an advertisement for hash but not easy to find: too small without any picture. 2/have a formal business meeting after some drink, then she had some good sleep in the taxi, driving around in the city till she woke up. She had the meeting, but she fell asleep again during the meeting.  3/seem as being a good model in Mango Bar for GPS, when her pants were not put on yet. 

Mattress pad: let the full-of-bus hashers waiting for her in the bus.

Mattress pad, Lazhiji and Meatballs: there were more than two hares and two trails in the hash, they set the trail for themselves and made a quite good short cut.


On On


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