Hash #1150 – Home Cumming’s F@#k Off Hash

Hash #1150—Home Cumming Fxxk off hash


Home Cumming is Cumming Home, Leaving a deep impression on GZ hashers.

All GZ hashers, you could have sex a whole Friday Night and Saturday Morning, do not follow Hunkaspunk and Laziji arranging their sex time during 1:30PM and 1:40PM on Saturday, then take a taxi without taking Hash money. Or Hunkaspunk is already too old to have to find a reason to be quick??? Anyway, they let more than 40 hashers waiting for them on the bus and they didn’t take money with them when they came to Hash, What a Hurry!! All GZ Hashers, do remember the meet time is 1:30pm, and bus leaves at 2PM sharp!!!!



Seem as that Saturday all the hashers were eager to catch the live hares, Home Cumming and Constipation, for the live hares said “30 Minutes” when the left, but all hashers were “on on” when only “15 Minutes” gone. All hashers wanted to catch them. What an attractive they were!!!


It was the same as last Saturday’s Hash site, MaoFengShan. The beginning was quite close to the beginning of that Famous 2010’s Christmas hash, a freezing Saturday hashers finished their trail after 7pm in the raining. And the ending was quite close to the ending of that unsurpassable hash, Hunkaspunk successfully made all the great hashers get lost in the dark forest, including the hare himself. What are you thinking about the trail now?


It was an unbelievable beautiful hash trail, Ramboo claimed it felt as walking on the red carpet. And she would like to walk on the same trail several times again!!! It was heard again and again: “you should take the runner trail, it was so beautiful”.  “You should take the walk trail, a long part of it was covered with flowers, very beautiful.” — It made hashers doubting how to take two trails in one hash. Those bastards who missed the hash lost an unbelievable beautiful thing. What a pity!


Break Time

Near end of the trail, it was up the dam, on the dam, then down the dam to the bus. But only Globetwatter finished the full trail, all the other hashers made the short cut. They just stayed on the dam, drinking bear and gorging the delicious pancakes, chatting the great hash, enjoying sunshine. It was a quite great time. Home Cumming, GZ hashers will miss you, if not for the most beautiful hash trail, it will be because the delicious pancakes. You are welcome to back GZ hash, always!!


During the great time, hashers had an interruption: GPS wanted to take a whole-group picture before some hashers back. He did not take a picture for hash, he took picture for Fashion Magazine Cover?? If not, why it took him half an hour to take a picture!!!


Circle Up

After sunset, and finished the more than 80 pieces of pancakes, hashers started to remember it was hash time, we should have circle. The GM Double-0-Dirk quickly brought up the RA, Meatballs, after he accused the hares, Home Cumming and Constipation.  Accusations including, but not all:

New comers: sexual workers.

Sir Cum Navigator to last week’s new comers: 3 of them back to hash again, it proved that #1149 hash was the best hash ever.

To GPS: he is also known as Grand Pan Sanitizer, but outside of the vessels are growing fungi. Well, the inside is clean to drink beer. GPS, please leave the hash flash job to HASH FLASH, and do your Grand Pan Sanitizer. And please just press the button when you wants picture, do not let hashers keep the pose for 30Mins. It is hash.

To Home Cumming: he is always strong and brave to check at every checking-circle, he is being hare. He is kind and Generous.

The GM to Tiger Pluger, : he got his 25 hash Run numbers, when he wearing his worst hash 2010 T-shirt.

To Pink Bits: after her 230 hash runs, she finally introduced the hash to her sister.

Angela Blew Me to Papasang: on the trail, she heard one of hashers, he took his 8-year-old daughter to hash, said to his daughter:” are you ok? Slow down.” Well, whenever Papasang saw her on the hash said:”quick, quick, Angela.”


C……. U ……..Saturday……… at Mango Bar………1:30PM………. For hash!!!  Again 1:30PM!! Check your watch and don’t be late.

On On

Titty Tattle


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