Hash #1149 – The Green Hat Run

Hash #1149—best hash ever

The best hash ever: it is long and hard, with wet and slippery. The weather have cultivated fungi and moss more than enough in the past 30 days, offered one of the two needed factors of the best hash: wet and slippery. As the well-known long-and-hard provider, Sir Cum Navigator and Globetwatter, were the live hares, offered the other one: long and hard. The best hash is done, with a bonus for all hashers: it was a sunshine afternoon after a cloudy month.


On-On How long Meatballs haven’t have sex? He was eager to catch the hare to do Cir Cum Navigator!! Less than 5 Minutes, Meatballs was already on his way! The hares said 15 minutes when they left to set the trail. He couldn’t wait for 15 minutes. But the hares successfully kept the hasher behind by lots of check-circles. Meatballs, if you want to catch the hares and do your job, you should leave before the hares.


It was a new trail in an old place, MaoFeng mountain. At every circle, hashers took a little time to find the right direction! Especially the right direction was turn to left!! It made the runner hashes shouted “ice the hare” when they were checking on a slippery slope same as walking in a labyrinth.


At one part, seem as we were on the way which we passed them when we down, Double-0-Dirk and Constipation was chatting:

D: we can back if we back the trail.

C: it is long to back.

D: do you think we already finish half? Come on, it is Globetwatter.

C: where is Meatballs?

D: possibly being with the cold beer.


But it was an unfortunate day for Meatballs, he failed to catch Hare Sir Cum Navigator, and he didn’t do the short-cut well either. He back to the cold beer behind those runners.


Circle Up Accusation including, but not all:

 New comers: anyway, always linked with working and sex tour. Even I was not there, I knew the accusation.

 Shoeless Ho: the new Hash Flash is born, since the nominated Hash Flash Boogie Nights haven’t show up in GZ hash for long time.

 Meatballs to the hares: one of the rules of hash is– no rule– and don’t leave anything behind. Where is the rope? There was a vertical part – around 3 meters high—hashers have to down, clasping the rope.

 GM to Titty Tattle: for the 50 runs. Half of the brain is excited about the 50 runs, half of the brain is busy calculating and crying for the money. Sorry, no more space to remember who was beside me and how many runs they get.

 Shoeless Ho picked up several good drinkers to delegate every continent to have a beer race: Chinese for Asia, Pixie for Europe, Cir Cum Navigator for A*nila, do any more people know the continent of A*nila except Cir Cum Navigator? Anyway the winner of the beer race is Cir Cum Navigator.

 The GM, double-0-dirk, accused,:” why has to be good drinkers for the beer race? Let’s have a race for AssGM” So Angela Blew Me, Constipation, Globetwatter and GPS were there. Before the race, Papa Sang encouraged Angela Blew Me, Constipation looks as he already won the race. But the winner is…is … Globetwatter!! Now Globetwatter is the AssGM, the GM’s sidekick.

 Ladies and Gentlemen–actually there is none of them in Hash–: please pay attention to Papasang, try to keep far way from them if you don’t want to have STD, now he is also known as STD!!! …… Super T-shirt Designer.

 GPS: who knows what’s the meaning of GPS? …… no matter, you can get it new one now: Grand Pan Sanitizer.

C U Sat……… at Mango Bar………1:30PM………. For hash!!!


On On,

Titty Tattle

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