Hash #1146 – The Great Leap Forward Run

Hash 1146


Date: 25th February 2012

Place: Dragon Cave (龍洞)

Hare: Sir cum Navigator & Globewatter

Weather: Cold & Rainy

Temperature: 12℃ ~19℃


During the week, Guangzhou’s weather was warm and humid but on the weekend it changed to be rainy and cold. The temperature was dropped by several degrees.


Before the trail:

Sir Cum Navigator gave us a briefing as usual. He told us most of the flour today would be marked on the trees or walls as it was raining and there would be no walker’s and runner’s split but there would be a “SCB” marking on the way, which were the words: “Short-cut Baster” in short.


On the trail:

Today the hash trail was terrible and it was wet and slippery. Most hashers were fallen down several times on the way, such as hunkaspunk, Pink Bit & me etc.

Today the front runners were the following and the information was quoted from Chic Sheik:

 The 1st: Chic Sheik

 The 2nd : OO-Dirk

 The 3rd: Home Cumming

 The 4th: PaPa San


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk brought up Meatball to be our RA today, the accusations on the circle was the following, which was partly but not all:

 New Comers: 1 Canadian & 1 South Korean.

 Returnee: What’s your name again, GPS etc...

Hunks Spunk accused the front runners on the way such as OO-Dirk, Constipation & Tumber Print were taking break when they found the back check and let the follower such as Hunka Spunk to go and find the way for them.

Sir Cum Navigator accused me for no making the wrong spelling of Home Cuming &Meatball

. Mattress Pad accused Chic Sheik for none sense of fashion



After the circle:

The bus took us back to Mango and then we walked to the DongbeiRen restaurant at TaoJin Rd to

have our hash dinner.




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