Hash #1145 – The Nuclear Run

Hash 1145


Date: 18th February 2012

Place: TaiShan (臺山)

HareGlow ball, Chic Sheik & Mona Lisa

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 9℃ ~15℃


Today it’s Glow Ball’s farewell hash. The hares-Glow ball, Chic Sheik & Mona Lisa arranged a day trip with several “virgin” experiences for us: Virgin Territory, Virgin Mountain, and Virgin Restaurant & Virgin Hares. So today we went to Glow Ball’s working city – TaiShan, where is the hometown of most Overseas Chinese, to celebrate Glow Ball’s farewell hash. With the current CPI in china had been reached as high as 5%, the hash price is very reasonable and just costs our hashers 100RMB per person, which includes bus fare, drinks, hash run and dinner but excludes the lunch.


Before the trail:

Today our hares- Glow ball and Mona Lisa were jet lag again. They did not come to the meeting site on time and were late for around 15 minutes later.


On the trail:

Today the hash trail is not marking clearly. So we had some difficulties to get started. No one can find the flour until one of the hares -Lisa yield to go straight. So we go straight until we can find the flour later. Before the trail, Constipation told me the trail would be very long and it would take 3 hours. And it really nearly took me 3 hours to finish the whole trail. We started running at 10 past 2 and I was back to the bus at 5 past 5, which is nearly 10 past 5.


On the circle:

Before the circle, we got Jochem on ice for his naming and got Glow Ball on ice for his farewell. Then our GM OO-Dirk brought up Shoeless Ho to be our RA today. The accusations on the circle were the following, which was partly but not all:

 New Comers: roughly 5.

 Returnee: OO-Dirk, Who’s your daddy etc...

Hunks Spunk accused Laziji & Constipation for his away to Holland for the last 2 weeks and left Laziji alone in his big apartment so Constipation took care of Laziji by asking her to join his family during Hunka being away.

Hunka Spunk accused Floppy Disk & his girlfriend Shirley for Shirley telling him good news, and she told him she was wearing new shoes.

Chic Sheik accused OO-Dirk for sending his wrong havetisement to the hashers for the reason of no one reading the hashvertisement.

Sir Cum Navigator was giving a hash name to Jochem as “Home Cumming”



After the circle:

Our hare – Glow Ball took us to a local restaurant in Taishan and the restaurant is well-known by its good food in the Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau.




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