Hash #1140 – A Medicinal Hash

Hash 1140


Date: 14th January 2012

Place: BaiYun Mountain(白雲山)

HareOO-Dirk & Christopher

Weather: Cloudy

Temperature: 12℃ ~16℃


Today OO-Dirk & Christopher is our hare and Christopher is the virgin hare.


Before the trail:

When our bus picked up the hares at the west gate of BaiYun Mountain, OO-Dirk was so surprised that there were only 13 hashers joining the hash today as he and Christopher had set a good trail for us.


On the trail:

Today’s hash trail was very nice and it is up mostly, which brought a good exercise for us. There is no short-cutter on the trail today, even Meatball-the short-cuter king also finished the whole trail. Today the front runner is Tumble Print, which is the first time for Tumble Print to be the front runner during her hashing history.


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk brought up Meatball to be our RA today, the accusations on the circle was the following, which was partly but not all:

 New Comer: Unfortunately there was no new comer today.

 Returnee: Hello Sailor.

OO-Dirk accused his Co-hare- Christopher for mixing the time to be the hare. Last week we were in CongHua but Christopher was in Mango and waited for OO-Dirk until 2 pm. So he called OO-Dirk then he found out he had mixed the time to be the hare.

OO-Dirk accused PAPA San for the good design of Soggy Biscuit’s Fxxkoff T-shirt as there are only six T-shirts left, which is only the small size and is only fit for Little Turf but not Meatball.

Meatball made an announcement for the next week hash as next week is the Chinese New Year Eve and there will be no bus, no hare etc. but there still has hash, which will be a Pub Cowl hash.



After the circle:

Today Diarrhea had prepared so much food for us to eat after the run but unfortunately we cannot eat them all as so little hashers coming so there was too much food left on hash and our GM OO-Dirk decided that we brought the rest food to Mango as our hash dinner and tried to eat them all in Mango.




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