Hash #1138 & 1139 – Soggy Biscuit’s Fuck-Off Runs

Hash 1138


Date: 7th ~8th January 2012

Place: Cong Hua (從化)

HareSoggy Biscuit, Sir Cum Navigator & Globewatter, OO-Dirk.

Weather: Most Cold & Cloudy and Partly Sunshine.

Temperature:5℃ ~19℃


This week’s hash is the first hash in New Year 2012 and it is Soggy Biscuit’s Farewell Hash also. So we left Guangzhou and moved to Cong Hua to have our No 1138 hash so that we can give soggy Biscuit a warm celebrating farewell.


A Special Guest:

During this week’s hash, we had a very special guest to join us, who is a 2 year old little boy –Stephen. Stephen is a very clever boy and he can speak 2 languages already-Chinese & English.

When we ask him in English,

“How are you?”

He can answer you in English,

“I am fine, thank you.”

When he was drinking WangLaoJi (王老吉) on the bus,he can tell you in Chinese, “I always drink WangLaoJi (王老吉) after the meal,”

“What do you drink?”

“WangLaoJi (王老吉)!” He answered in Chinese.

Stephen is a civilize boy also. We saw him when he had any rubbish, he knew he should put them in the rubbish bin.


On Saturday’s Afternoon Hash:

We arrived in CongHua in Saturday’s morning at around 11:30am. After we made the check-in in the hotel and dropped our luggage in our room, we got back to the bus at around 12:30pm and then the bus took us to today’s hashing site. After the bus was driving on the way for several minutes later, OO-Dirk found out he had left Glow Ball and Lisa in the hotel but it is impossible for the bus to drive back and pick them up again so they had to come to the site on their own. In the afternoon the hash hare was Soggy Biscuit, Sir Cum Navigator & Globewatter. As one of the hare- Sir Cum Navigator told us before the trail if we follow the “False” trail, it would be the

shortest and easiest way to go back to the bus. So there were 13 hashers taking the short cut today. After we finished the whole trail, we took the bus back to the hotel and had the hash circle there as it was supper cold in today’s hashing site.


On the Circle:

As it was Soggy Biscuit’s Farewell Hash, so everybody was getting him drunk on the circle until late.

Meatball was today’s RA. And the following is the part of accusations:

 New Comers: there were 4 new comers today.

 Returnees: Shoeless, Glow Ball & Lisa, Rotten Rock, Pin Head etc.

Meatball accused Soggy Biscuit to pick the coldest day during the year to have his farewell hash but not in the summer such as July or August.

Mattress Pad accused Soggy Biscuit for his gentleman attitude as there was one night Mattress Pad getting drunk in Hill Bar and Soggy Biscuit took her to his apartment and took good care of her.

OO-Dirk accused Glow ball & Lisa for missing the bus before the run as he had a jetlag today.


After the circle

We had a BBQ hash dinner in the hotel.


On Sunday’s Morning Hash:

We had a 45 minutes hash in the hotel nearby in Sunday Morning. As it is A to A hash, we got back to the hotel after we finished the whole trail. After we had the lunch at nearby restaurant, we went back to Guangzhou in the Sunday afternoon.




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