Hash #1137 – The Big Bang! Run

Hash 1137

Date: 31st December 2011

Place: Luo Gang(蘿崗)

HareSir Cum Navigator & Globewatter

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 12℃ ~21℃


Today Sir Cum Navigator & Globewatter is our hare.


Before the trail:

Sir Cum Navigator gave every one of us a briefing on today’s trail. He told us there would be one split on today’s trail and asked us that if we could not reach the split at quarter to 5, then follow the walker’s trail otherwise it would be dark when we were back.


On the trail:

Today’s hash trail was very nice and flat mostly. So it could be said an easy and short trail. But until quarter to 5, we did not see any split at all as Sir cum navigator told us before the trail till quarter past 5 we finished the whole trail. When I was back to the bus, I was surprised that I was not the last one as Hunka and Anna’s grandmother was still on the trail. We were all worried about them and did not know how to tell Constipation about this later until they were back to the circle safely at last. Today Chic Shield was the first one running back to the bus, which he told me on the bus later.


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk accused today’s hare to bring a kiwi new comer to hash but after he paid the hash cash, he’d gone. Then OO-Dirk brought up Meatball to be our RA today, the accusations on the circle was the following, which was partly but not all:

Meatball accused Floppy Disk for thanking him to offer his place for our Christmas party last week.

Sir Cum Navigator accused himself & his co-hare Globewatter for not only organizing today’s hash but also the lighting on the circle.

OO-Dirk accused French Tickler for recently his having a drink with OO-Dirk in Mango and told OO-Dirk that he did not know what his hash name’s meaning was until Soggy Biscuit showed his picture on the annual dinner and the picture told him what the meaning was.

OO-Dirk accused Floppy Disk for not offering a free Christmas dinner at the party last week but they did as they offer a free pizza dinner for today’s New Year party.


After the circle:

The bus took us back to the mango and enjoyed a free pizza hash dinner in Mango.




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