Hash #1136 – The Nightmare before Xmas Hash Bash Run

Hash 1136

Date: 24th December 2011

Place: Tian Lu Lake Travel Zone(天鹿湖旅遊區)

HareFloppy Disk & Qin

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 6℃ ~15℃


Today Floppy Disk is our hare and after the hash GZHASH would have a Christmas party at his place so we thought he would set a short and easy trail for us as no body like his visitors who are stinky and dirty at his place. But if you think so, that was very wrong indeed because Floppy Disk welcome any visitors. So his trail was not short and easy and it was long and hard instead.


On the trail:

Today’s hash trail was A to B as usual and was presetting on the mountain and many steps, which make us breathing hard and sweating so I asked Meatball on the trail, “Where is the B point?”

“It is on the other side of the mountain so there is no short-cut”

So we started the trail at 18 past 3 and finished it at 15 to 6. It costs us nearly 2 hours to finish the whole trail.


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk brought up Meatball to be our RA today:

Meatball accused the hares for setting view point on the trail but there is no any view. Then the hare told him that was not a view point (VP) and that was UP.

Hunka accused constipation to look for a young and handsome American to hash in mangobut found a nearly 60s American to the hash today.

Floppy Disk accused Globewatter for no showing up at Christmas party at his place but convince him to offer his place for hash Christmas party.

Itchy & Scratchy accused Floppy Disk for offering his place without hesitates for the reason that he didn’t need to clean the place after the party and it is her daughter to clean the place.

Hunka accused Floppy Disk to extend his place contract for another 2 years in order for our Christmas party at his place as his place’s contract is expired before the party.

Floppy Disk accused Hunka that he is not worried about offering his place for the party and he is worried Hunka was doing shopping with his daughter.



After the circle:

We had a Christmas Party at our hare-Floppy Disk’s place.




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