Hash #1135 – The Reversed Climax Run

Hash 1135

Date: 17th December 2011

Place: LuoGang (蘿崗)


Weather: Sunny

Temperature: 8℃ ~19℃


Since Fingerlicker was losing the worst hash award in 2011, so he signed up this week’s hare and tried to convince hashers his hash can be the worst in 2012.


Before the trail:

Today’s hash trail was preset and it was A to B hash. As a matter of fact, the distance between the A and B was just 1 meter’s long so it is really short as what the hare told us before the trail but the other trail was setting in the mountain, which is 10k’s long and very difficult.


On the trail:

When the bus was arrived at the hashing site, the bus was accidentally hiding the B point marking under it, so no hasher knows where the B point was at their starting so it caused 7 hashers got lost on the trail. Today the first hasher back to the bus was OO-Dirk and Constipation was the second. So when Anna on the bus saw her father running back to bus, she yielded,

“Daddy, you are the No. 2.”



On the circle:

As today no Ex GM, no Ex RA, no RA on the hash, Our GM OO-Dirk brought up no one to be today’s RA:

 New Comer: no new comers today.

 Our GM OO-Dirk accused Hunka to present his candy to hashers in Mango but 90% of

Chinese hashers did not like his candy.

Hunka made an announcement for the next week’s Christmas Eve run and asked everyone who joins the hash next week bring their food to the hash.

OO-dirk made an announcement for Soggy Biscuit’s fxxkoff Hash, on which we will have an away hash on 7th January 2012 and we will go to Conghua and stay overnight there so that we can enjoy the hot spring water there.



After the circle:

We had a hash dinner at the restaurant next to Mango after the circle.




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