Hash #1134 – The Annual Christmas Party Run

Hash 1134

Date: 10th December 2011

Place: BaiYun Mountain (白雲山)

HareSir Cum Navigator & Globewatter

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 7℃ ~15℃


Today was the Annual Black-Tie Dinner Day but the hash was held as usual and it would be ended by 5pm. So the hash trail would be set it short and the hash circle would be shortened after the run.


Before the trail:

Sir Cum Navigator said to OO-Dirk just gave him 3 minutes and Globewatter would be the sweeper hare before he was away.


On the trail:

Today’s trail was A to B. The A point was the campus of Foreign Language University and the B point was Yunxi Park, which we found out after the run. It was not as short as we thought and it was quite a normal trail. Tumble print’s dog Coco was lost for a while on the trail but it was a happy ending and she found it later.


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk accused the hares-Sir Cum Navigator and Globewatter for the finest weather, the finest food and the finest hash today. Then OO-Dirk brought up today’s RA-Meatball and later Meatball brought up his assistant

RA-Who is your daddy:

 New Comer: 1 new comer today.

 Returnee: Who is your daddy etc.

Hunka Spunk accused Papa San that he was not here 2 weeks ago because Papa San was organizing a children’s outdoor activity but his organizing trail was duplicated our hash trail.

Meatball accused Tumble print that how disappointed she found her dog.



After the circle:

The circle was ended at 5pm. After the bus took us back to mango, we were home and got dressed up for the annual party.




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