Hash #1133 – The Talliban Run

Hash 1133

Date: 3rd December 2011

Place: Dragon Cave (龍洞)

HareConstipation & Hunka Spunk

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 3.9℃ ~18℃


Today Constipation & Hunka Spunk is the hares again.


Before the trail:

Last Saturday Constipation & Hunka Spunk was probably setting the longest trail in 2011. So this Saturday they were supposed to set a trail as long as last Saturday. And our GM-OO Dirk even told today’s new comers before the trail:

“if you got lost, help yourself! Find a bus or a taxi and ask for taking you back to Mango. Nobody will be going to help you today…”


On the trail:

Today we started to run and walk at 3:20pm. The trail was not as long as we were expected and we finished the trail at 5:10pm. It is short but good exercise trail. Today we did not see Meatball and GPS on the trail and they were probably taking the short cut again.


On the circle:

Our GM OO-Dirk brought up today’s RA-Meatball:

 New Comer: 12 new comers today.

 Returnee: GPS, Filthy Habit, Vanilla Rice etc.

Meatball accused the hares to bring a good news to hashers that they had made a reservation in the restaurant and bring a bad news to hashers that their reservation was at 8 pm but now it was 6pm and there were 2 hours to go.

Soggy Biscuit accused Hunka and OO-Dirk to present Platter Pussy’s gift: an orange T-shirt for Hunka but the T-Shirt size is too small for Hunka so it shows Hunka’s beer belly when he is wearing it and a green sweater with a German flag on it for OO-Dirk.

Filthy Habit accused Soggy Biscuit to bring his colleagues to hash but did not tell them not to wear new shoes.



After the circle:

We had an on-site hash dinner after the circle.



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