Hash #1132 – The Last Chance Run

Hash 1132

Date: 26th November 2011

Place: Long Dong (龍洞)

Hare:Hunka Spunk & Constipation

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 16℃ ~25℃


Hunka Spunk and Constipation is the hare this week and they are going to set a live trail today.


Before the trail:

There were 54 persons joining the hash today and the bus cannot load all of us so OO-dirk arranged another taxi to take some of us to the hashing site.

The bus arrived at the hashing site at around 3pm as usual. At 3:21pm, we start running and walking after the hares were away in 20 minutes later as OO-dirk said last time he gave the hares 15 minutes and they were caught up so he gave them 20 minutes this time.


On the trail:

When we saw the first “checking” circle, we found out the flour dots were leading us up to the mountain. Meatball, the short-cuter king, thought that was a trick so he and what’s your name again did not follow the runners to go up to the mountain and wait under the mountain until the runners ran back… How smart they are! Today the trail was well-marking but it was a very and very long trail. At around 6:30, we, the walkers, were still walking in the mountain, the sky was dark already and we could not see any flour from the dark. At that moment, we could hear the dogs were barking around in the

mountain… It was a really scare moment until PP & Hanna were showing up later. It is lucky that Hanna brought a torch with her and she had called her father, one of the hares-Constipation and her father told her that it was just 20 minutes walk left.


On the circle:

When we went back to the bus, the circle had been nearly closed. So I cannot write down any details for the circle today except the following that OO-dirk told me:

 How many new Comers today?

 “13”

 Is there any returnee?

 “No!”

 Can you tell me any funny accusation in the circle?

 “It was a boring circle,” this is what OO-dirk told me.


After the circle:

We have an on site dinner in LongDong.


On On.


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