Hash #1131 – The World Toilet Day Run

Hash 1131

Date: 19th November 2011

Place: XiangXue Park (香雪公园)

Hare:Sunshine, OO-Dirk & Roger

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 17℃ ~23℃


OO-Dirk and I are the hares this week so we decided to set the trail on Friday afternoon. But unfortunately it was raining while we were setting the trail on Friday afternoon. As a result, OO-Dirk had to set the trail again today with Roger. Then OO-Dirk & Roger will be the leading hare today and I will be the sweeping hare. The bus arrived at the hashing site at around 3pm. At 3:15pm OO-Dirk and Roger left and let meatball to give them 15 minutes ahead. At 3:30pm, meatball yielded “on on” and then we start to run and walk.


On the trail:

The trail was well marked as we set it twice. The trail was medium long and it takes 3 hours for walker to finish the whole trail. Very good exercise! So it should be the best hash ever.


On the circle:

Before the circle, OO-Dirk got Coco & Emily on ice for their naming today. Then he brought up today’s RA-Meatball.

 New Comers: there were 5 new comers: 1German (Cougar bait’s brother), 1 American, 1 New Zealand & 2 Chinese (1 from Shanghai & 1 Local).

 Returnee: Platter Pussy.

 OO-dirk accused Ramin & Papasan that Ramin had been named as “French Tickler” and Papasan’s daughter had been named as “Angelina blow me”.

 Soggy Biscuit accused OO-Dirk that setting the trail 1 day ahead and take 15 minutes before the run and still being caught up by soggy biscuit.

 Platter Pussy gave Emily’s hash name as “Titty Check” as she doesn’t believe Boxy Pussy’s Titty is real. Soggy Biscuit gave Coco’s hash name as “Coconuts” as her name is same as the

name of Thumber Print’s dog.


After the circle:

At first, OO-Dirk decided to have our hash dinner in Mengtian Village (孟田村). But when we got to the restaurant, the restaurant was full already ever though OO-dirk had made a reservation for



Then we had to decide to come back to town for our hash dinner. On the way back, Constipation received a call from Titty Check and then we found out we had let 3 hashers at the restaurant behind. So our bus had to come back to the restaurant to pick them up. At around 8:30pm, the bus got back to the town at last and we had the hash dinner at a Wunan restaurant near the Paddy field.


On On.


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