Hash #1126 – The Helloween Warm-Up Run

Hash 1126

Date: 29th October 2011

Place: Dragon Cave (龙洞)

HareConstipation & Hunka Spunk

Weather: Sunshine

Temperature: 21℃ ~32℃


Today the bus was arrived in the hashing site at around 2:45 pm. A few minutes later, our hares-constipation & hunka spunk left for today’s live haring.


After our hares left, our GM-OO dirk let me know that we would start ONON at 2 past 3. But at 4 to 3, our GM has let the walkers and girls ONON first.


On the trail:

Today our live hares were bad luck and were caught up with twice. In addition, there were 10 hashers getting bee byte.


On the trail, when the walkers arrived at the first circle, the runners had caught up with the walkers. And I checked my watch, it was just 3 O’clock!! Which means our GM did not let the runners wait until 15minutes later and let the runners start ONON earlier.


After the first circle, we found out there were a long steps to step up in the right trail. At the beginning, when I started to step up the steps, there were some hashers who were after me, such as Meatball & hand solo etc. But when I had been stepping up for a while, I was sweating and breathing difficult. I turned around, I found out it was just Soggy Biscuit after me. Meatball and hand solo had gone already.


So when Soggy Biscuit had stepped past on me, then Princess sissy & Flashing snapper past on me, I did not continue the trail and went back to the bus as I was the last one again on the trail.


I was the first one back to the bus. Meatball & Hand solo were next.


At around 4:30pm, Soggy Biscuit and Roger were running back to the bus. And we then knew that Soggy Biscuit caught up with the hares on the trail and stole the hare’s flour to become our today’s new hare. And unfortunately, Roger also caught up with our new hare at the last minutes.


On the circle:

Before the circle, Our GM- OODirk got Constipation & Hunka spunk on ice for being caught up on the trail and also got Pierre on ice for his naming today.


Then our GM OO-Dirk brought up today’s RA-Meatball:


l  New Comer: 1 French, 1 English, 1 Estonian & 2 South African.

l  Returnee: Shoeless Ho & Hand Solo.

l  Meatball accused our ex-GM Shoeless Ho for bringing all kinds of strange MP3 device to the hash.

l  Meatball accused all those hashers for being gotten bee byte. There were 10 hashers in total.

l  Our ex-GM sir cum accused constipation & hunka spunk for being first caught up by Pierre and Sir Cum.

l  Our ex-GM gave a hash name to Pierre as “Glowballs”.



After the circle:

We had an on-site hash dinner after the circle.


Also after the circle, What’s your name again, Papa San’s daughter and an Spanish girl then went back to the circle.





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