— We meet Saturday at 1.30 PM —




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Where & When do we meet?

Gold Mango Bar (金芒果酒巴)

361 Huanshi Dong Lu (环市东路361号)

 Saturday at 1:00 pm



The Gold Mango Bar is located diagonally across from the Garden Hotel (花园酒店), at the bottom of the flyover, and a few meters away from the Bai Yun Hotel (白云宾馆) and the “Tao Jin – 淘金站” Metro Station (Line 5, Exit B – see the Full Moon Hash page for a complete GZ Metro system map).

From the Mango our Hash Bus brings us to one of the various run sites in the beautiful countryside around Guangzhou.

(click on this map for an engorged view)


1-2-3-4 Hash in Maofengshan, September 28, 2013



HASHER OF THE MONTH: GARBAGE GUTS (150 runs as of now)


Email: gzhash@gmail.com


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Disclaimer: China and hashing can be dangerous activities.  The organizers of the Guangzhou Hash accept no liability for anything that happens before, during or after the Hash. Not even if you step into dog turd or catch a sexually transmitted disease.